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Born as student helmet, the Fairwind is widely used worldwide not just for skydiving, but also in wind tunnels as first fliers' equipment.

The new Fairwind has now a CE certification according to the EN1385.

The certification guarantees the quality of the product, assuring that the manufacturing process follows the necessary steps to deliver a product conforming to the standards.

The certification also guarantees that the manufactured product will have the necessary qualities to offer the protection required by the standard.

As safety improvement, the chinstrap attachment has been moved to the outside, staying flush with the shell in a specific protecting housing. This is very important as it actively reduces the risk of lines entanglement.

As quality improvement, the shell is not painted but the color is into the injected material, therefore it's not suffering from UV rays exposure and in case of hits it won't expose the raw color of the material.

The liner is made of new, shock-absorbing materials offering the protection required by the certification, but still comfortable even in prolonged use.

The chinstrap is covered by a soft, removable guard, and the size is set by the liner, with a single size shell.

As a result, the Fairwind offers CE certified protection in an incomparable lightweight and comfortable product.


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