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Z1 SL-14 IAS Full Face Headwear


You can find here all the information and the spare parts for the product.


This option designed for the Z1 SL-14 full face helmet is a special fit for the Skytronic GFX Skydiving Computer and the NeoXs Audible Altimeter.

The option allows skydivers to fully operate the instrument without removing it from the helmet, giving easy access to all the functions. With the Skytronic GFX it also allows to view the wide graphic display, useful feature during formation jumps, where jump mates will be able to clearly recognize the current altitude and visual alarms, even at distance.

The instrument is firmly held in place by the specially designed holder, and can be removed if necessary (to replace batteries, for example, or to connect the Skytronic GFX to a computer) without using any tool.

The Z1 SL-14 IAS can accept other instruments with similar sizes. The soft spacer provided with the helmet allows to compensate the slightly different sizes of these units.

The Z1 SL-14 IAS is fully compatible with all the spare parts of the Z1 SL-14 (liners and visors), and the same color range.

Skylight visor


The integrated flip-up rotates totally out of sight without interfering with your sight under the open canopy. It's made of injection molded polycarbonate, 2 mm thick, with permanent anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments.

The unique, affordable locking system can be operated with just one hand, even with gloves.


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